While working in entertainment Industry we’ve noticed a big problem. A Lot of good music remains unheard and all music labels are searching for the right songs. There is no way to control and listen to the enormous amount of demos created by unknown, young and new talents!”
This problem causes frustration on both the side of the sender and the side of the receiver of the demos.
There is a need for a ‘central point’ upon which talents are able to expose themselves to fellow known and unknown artists, bigger and smaller labels

Virpp offers the producer the chance to overcome the monopolistic market that is the record industry. It gives the producer a degree of power in the market and control over their own music. Producers can upload their unreleased music easy and safe.

Listeners have access to this library of music, they can either like or dislike a track by swiping their screen. As likes increase on a track, it rises on the rankings on the charts. A Producer will know by who and from where his music is loved. With this information he can create strategies and find the right audience and potential partners.

We have created a platform for labels allowing them to easily match the right candidate for their genre and popularity. Label subscribers have access to a special page that makes it easy to pick out the good records in that specific genre. The labels will already have a potential market for the song before it’s released. Because producers already know who liked their demo.

“Through a simplified search system, popular records, judged by the listener, can be easily located.”

What more of chance to be discovered?

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